Market Development & Strategy

Often operational business does not leave you enough time to deal intensively with your own strategy or to examine changes in your business approach.
The same applies when thinking about the development of new ideas and measures to achieve a better market penetration or open up new market segments. Frequently, time is the limiting factor.

In such a situation, I can support you efficiently in the following areas in order to achieve your targets faster:

Challenge / task Questions / Measures to be clarified
Analysis of market potentials Is the company sufficiently strong in growing markets / regions?
Different revenue levels to be observed?
What kind of market entry barriers exist?
Analysis of market structures What is the number of potential customers?
What are the market shares of large customers?
Which sales channels exist?
Analysis of customer segments Growth forecast for customer segments
Is the company strong in the attractive segments?
Can new segments be developed?
Analysis of Product Portfolio How strong is your own product portfolio in relation to competitors?
Competitive analysis Strengths / weaknesses in relation to competitors?
Market behavior of competitors?
Price-/ Revenue Analysis See price management

Based on these analyzes, each market strategy can be reviewed or redefined. If you want to know more, I am looking forward to your contact via the form or directly by telephone.