Product Management & Innovation

Having many special products and “problem-solving products” in your portfolio opens up not only additional sales and profit opportunities, but creates a positive impact on the image as well. Of course many companies recognized this.

It is not always easy however to increase your share of specialty products and subsequently your result. Many reasons for these difficulties are based on internal issues. This is the chance, because that can be changed.

Particularly important for a sustainable success with special products are the following points  where I offer targeted analyzes and solutions.

Challenge / Task Questions / Measures to be clarified
Filter New Product Ideas Which product development promises a sufficient ROI?
Internal Product- and Knowledge Transfer Use your internal network to boost efficiency
Price Setting of new Product Launches Optimize your market success
Fitness Check Sales Organization Is your team prepared for a new product in their portfolio?
Target oriented reporting Establish reporting working out the additional profit coming from special products

Please leave me a message via the contact form, if you are interested in enhancing your profits by increasing your portion of special products. I am looking forward to discussing the topic with you in a first non-committal telephone conversation.