Learn how to develop and implement the right strategy for your company

Strategy basics

First of all we will start with the basic question. In which situations should a the development of a new or adapted strategy be considered at all? Furthermore we will clarify the difference between a vision and a strategy.

After this introduction and clarification of terms the training market analysis and strategy will proceed to the section market analysis.

Targeted Application of market analysis

The first step in designing a sustainable strategy is a sound market analysis.  Consequently this training will show you how to set up and run a consistent market analysis.

But where do you find the right data concerning specific influences? How do you validate it? Which management techniques can identify trends or dangerous market situations at an early stage?

In other words we will take a look at all those topics that make a difference. Hence the training market analysis and strategy will allow you to run future market analysis even better tailored to your needs.

Develop an appropriate market strategy

Not every market strategy suits every company. Due to that it is important to reconcile the existing market situation with the possibilities of your own company.

What needs to be tested? How to proceed? Who should be involved?

Exactly these questions will be discussed during the training. Based on exercises and practical examples. As a result you will be able to taylor a strategy that fits perfectly both your goals and your capabilities.

Strategy Implementation

Even the best strategy needs to be implemented consistently. First of all it needs to be well understood and incorporated by your employees.

Consquently what should be considered internally and externally regarding communication? Who takes over which roles and tasks during implementation?

All these questions will be answered. Based on practical examples. You will receive recommendations and “to do”-lists based on successful business initiatives. Thus you can be sure the training market analysis and strategy will provide you with all information necessary to guarantee your success.


  • Basics Strategy
  • Reasons for a new strategy / strategy adjustment
  • Develop new or adapted strategy
  • Consistent¬† implementation of a new or adapted strategy
  • Case Studies / Strategy Game


  • 1 Day

Target Group

  • Everyone responsible for strategic topics in their companies

Number of Participants

  • max. 10


  • Inhouse or as agreed

Your Investment

  • Depending on the number of participants and the specific effort
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