Increase you success rate with new products

Tasks and shortfall of product management

Product management is an important component of any company’s success. Having innovative products in your portfolio and being one step ahead of competition opens up great sales and profit opportunities.

Nevertheless, many new products fall short of the original expectations. Why is that? What contribution can and should a successful product management provide to avoid time and money is wasted?

This training will give you answers and methods on how to increase your success rate with new products.

Develop ideas for new products

The starting point of an innovation is usually an idea. What is the best way to gather and structure ideas consistently and sustainably?
How do you make sure that the important interface between research and development and sales is working well?

In this training you will learn how to set up the right organization to handle these issues.

Evaluate ideas for product innovation

The next step in product management is the evaluation of ideas. Unfortunately this part is often neglected in practice. Hence the high number of disappointing new product launches.

This seminar provides an exact “to do” list for this process step. This will help you to avoid critical mistakes in the future and tremendously increase your success rate.

Prepare sales for new products

Is your sales team ready for a new product? How do you make sure to get their full attention and commitment?
It becomes clear from these exemplary questions that many important points still need to be clarified.

After this training you know exactly what to do.

Internal innovation transfer

Larger companies operate in many markets simultaneously. Introducing a professional product management also raises the following question:
How can you transfer an innovative product from one national market to another?

This point will also be discussed during the training. Afterwards, you will know how to set up a working product development and transfer pipeline across country borders


  • Develop ideas for product innovations
  • Evaluate ideas for product innovations
  • Plan and prepare sales of innovative products
  • Internal innovation transfer
  • Practical examples


  • 8 hours

Target groups

  • Managing Directors, Heads of Business Units, Sales Managers, Product Managers, Senior Managers Research and Development


  • max. 20 participants


  • inhouse or by appointment

Your Investment

  • Depending on the number of participants and the specific effort
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