Fundamentals of the Seminar Price Management B2B

Professional price management and good operational performance in price enforcement are the key levers for increasing earnings. Any company who achieves an excellent level of performance here with their sales department will be rewarded with significant revenue advantages.

This is not just about enforcing general price increases. What is needed is a professional approach to all price issues, such as a realistic strategy or a performance-based pricing system.

In this seminar, you will learn all the ways in which you can significantly improve your price level and thus your result in the short, medium and long term. You get concrete insight into special analysis techniques to quickly identify your internal improvement potential.


Introduction Price Management B2B

Price management is a big field. Often, various terms appear, such as the term pricing policy. Therefore, the seminar will be started with a definition of the term and a definition of the topics discussed.

It covers all areas that really play a role in practice. These are the pricing strategy in combination with the possibilities for price analysis and market focused pricing.

Another important point that will be dealt with is the possibilities of designing price systems according to customer and performance requirements. Also relevant in practice is the topic of controlling and analysis techniques. Who drives the right analysis can quickly achieve improved results.

At the end of the seminar, the topic of price enforcement is treated separately. Not only in times of price increases, is this a relevant topic. The seminar will emphasise this point

Pricing strategies

If you want to develop one or more different pricing strategies, you first have to know your own options. Therefore, the first step should always be an accurate analysis.

In this context, important questions must be answered. First of all, the question of reliable price data. Which data can and should you use? Which options for price differentiation exist? There are several variants available here. By markets, products, market segments, distribution channels, customer groups, etc.
Of course, the pricing strategy depends heavily on the competitive position and the general market conditions as well as your own possibilities and goals. There are many variables and options for action.

This seminar gives you practical tips and examples on all these topics. Then you have the necessary tools to develop realistic and actionable strategies for your business.

Pricing systems

The price system of a company should on the one hand support the price strategy. For this purpose it should have a corresponding logic. The goal is a control effect of the system. This should facilitate price negotiations. Also in the sense of the customers. The goal is a competitive price.

There are also many questions about the pricing system. Which performance components should a pricing system contain? How do I rate different regions? What freedom should I give to sales in dealing with the system? When should I introduce a new pricing system? How do I manage to convert existing customers into a new pricing system? How fast can I react to special developments?

On the basis of the multiplicity of these questions it becomes clear. The topic price system is very extensive as well. Of course, the price system has only a supporting function. However, the stabilizing function in day-to-day business is high.

On the basis of many practical examples and exercises, the subject of the price system will be intensively discussed and brought closer. After that, it should be much easier for you to get the most out of this instrument.

Price controlling and analysis techniques

The topic of price controlling and price analysis is often treated only marginally. Of course, in every company there is a reporting concerning customer and average prices.

However, this seminar will introduce you to special controlling instruments and analysis techniques. On the one hand techniques for a very fast identification of inconsistent prices in the daily business. On the other hand, a special reporting to support and monitor the success of price increases.

All analysis techniques have been tried and tested in practice. After this seminar, you will be familiar with this specialist knowledge and can transfer it to your company. This part of the seminar alone gives you a great chance of a very fast result improvement.

Price Enforcement

At the end of the seminar the topic of price enforcement will be discussed. The hour of truth. When it comes to price enforcement, most people first think of terms like negotiating skills or good communication.

Of course, these points are very important for a successful implementation of your own price expectations. But one thing should become clear in this seminar.
There are other levers in sales management that have an impact on price enforcement. In this seminar you will learn all the levers.

This will allow you to  align or develop of your organization accordingly. Thus you will significantly improve the quality of your price management. Five of these levers relate to personal qualifications. This includes e.g. the ability to manage negotiations. The other five levers are process or data related.

Only those who acknowledge all the levers and understand their importance for pricing, will be satisfied with their results. In this seminar, you acquire the necessary knowledge. Practice-related and tested.



  • Introduction Price Management B2B
  • Develop specific pricing strategy
  • Pricing systems
  • Price controlling / analysis techniques
  • Levers of price enforcement
  • Practical examples / group exercises


  • About 12 hours

Target Group

  • Managing Directors, Heads of Business Units, Sales Managers, Product Managers, Heads of Controlling


  • Max. 10 participants


  • In your company or by appointment

Your investment

  • Depending on the number of participants and the specific effort
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