Project Management

The increasing importance of project management

Project management becomes increasingly important in modern companies. Especially the professional planning and implementation of project measures play a crucial role as almost any changes or optimizations within corporations are handled in the form of projects.

Especially in larger and more complex projects, failures in planning and lack of time or communication among the employees involved might have immense effects on the achievement of the project targets. In the worst case, a project can fail due to the reasons above.

Why can I add value to your projects?

I can offer you valuable support. Based on my long experience in a large corporation, where I set up and took direct responsibility for many international projects initiated by the executive board. Many of those projects implied more than ten national markets simultaneously. So I am quite familiar with complex project organizations, ambitious targets and time pressure.

My expertise is mainly based on sales management in all its varieties with the following focus areas:

  • Organization/ process optimization (reorganization/ cost reduction/ efficiency increase).
  • Digitization (selecting and implementing tools such as CRM systems)
  • Price management (implementation of price increases/ optimization of pricing systems)

Advantages for your projects

  • Optimized organizational structure and workflow
  • Improved project transparency
  • Shortened project duration
  • Optimized target achievement
  • Enhanced project success

If you are planning to set up a project at a larger scale  in the near future, I would be happy to discuss with you in detail my options and my approach.