Processes Optimization / Digitization

There are several reasons why an organization and its processes should be reviewed and optimized. These may be external factors such as changes in the market situation or internal considerations regarding the restructuring of a sales organization. Also the implementation of a new software solution in sales should reasonably be accompanied by the examination and possibly the adjustment of the processes. A common example in sales is the introduction of a customer relationship management system.

Based on my experience, I offer support in the following areas:

Challenge / task Questions / Measures to be clarified
Process analysis and –optimization Speed up processes / increase efficiency
Benchmarking and Reorganization Align fixed costs with market requirements
Avoid sales / customer losses
Optimization of Sales Organization Exploit market opportunities in the best way
Implementation CRM system Which system fits best for your company? Avoid bad investments

If you are thinking about changing your organization or optimizing your processes, I am looking forward to your contact. We can discuss your situation in a first non-committal interview. If necessary, I would be happy to assist you with the solution of the upcoming tasks and the implementation of suitable measures.