Special Experience

  • Industry sectors
    Building Supply Industry, Building Industry
  • Products
    Cement, concrete, aggregates, gypsum plasters and fillers, flooring screeds, exterior insulation and finish systems, moulding gypsum
  • Markets / Mentalities
    Europe, Eastern Europe, Central Asia
    North America, Asia Oceania
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
    Post Merger Reorganization of Sales
  • Management of International Projects
    Responsibility for international Projects optimizing Sales in the following areas:
    – Strategy
    – Market- and Sales Management
    – Price Management
    – Reorganization/ Cost Reduction
  • Product Management Special Products: (Value Adding Products)
    Push-Management of Special Products (internationally)
    Acceleration of International Product Transfers
    Intensifying of Internal Knowledge Transfer
    Closer Networking R&D/ Sales
  • Customer Relationship – Management Systems
    Knowledge about different available software systems
    Implementation/ Optimization of Processes