Workshop Targeted optimization of processes and organizations


This workshop has three main themes. On the one hand, there is the issue of increasing efficiency through digitization. Here we go into the preconditions and measures to ensure that the goals associated with the introduction of new software in the company are actually achieved. A weak point in many investments in this segment.

On the other hand, the targeted organization of international internal expert networks in order to accelerate and improve the flow of information and the quality of decisions in large companies.

As a further focus, the topic of restructuring is dealt with intensively. Not a pleasant topic, but unfortunately unavoidable in some cases. Which criteria should definitely be considered here, especially in operational units? In this workshop, a further approach that has been tried and tested in practice will be presented, which goes beyond the formation of simple KPIs from two influencing factors.

Duration:                               2 days

Number of participants:     2 – 10

Target group:                       Executives and junior executives

Location:                               In-house workshop

Fee:                                       Depending on the number of participants

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