Workshop “Lead confidently and successfully”


Managers play a crucial role in the success of a company. They significantly influence the direction a company takes and the corporate culture. However, good, sustainable leadership is anything but a matter of course, with negative consequences for companies.

Putting all the blame on the executives would not be entirely fair. Often the companies themselves do not pay enough attention towards this issue. Young managers are being left alone in their new roles and solve the task to the best of their ability. Here a little guidance could improve a lot.

This workshop focuses on the human factor, i.e. behavior types, situational communication and the importance of emotions for our decisions. The influence of these factors is highlighted using various recurring situations and tasks from everyday management.

Exercises and role-plays give the participants the opportunity to reflect on their way of leading and suggestions as to where an adjustment of their own behavior or a new approach would make sense. For young executives the chance to avoid many initial mistakes and to grow into their new position quickly and safely.

Duration:                                          2 – 3 days

Number of participants:              2 – 10

Target group:                                   Executives and junior executives

Location:                                            In-house workshop

Fee:                                                      Depending on the number of participants and the agreed scope

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