Workshop “Change Management – finding the right approach”


Which approach is the best in change management depends on various factors. For example, the amount of time available to bring about change and the magnitude of the changes sought. This ranges from changing the work processes in a department to the strategic realignment of an entire company.

What remains the same for all tasks is the fact that managers usually cannot successfully manage changes on their own and employees react differently to them. People have to be convinced and taken along.

Successful change management is closely related to acknowledging emotions, behaving accordingly, and knowing how to deal with different types of behavior. Every manager or young manager should have dealt with this intensively.

Duration:                                            1 – 1.5 days

Number of participants:               2 – 10

Target group:                                    Executives and junior executives

Location:                                            In-house workshop

Fee:                                                      Depending on the number of participants and the agreed scope

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