Why a negotiation training?

Our inherent characteristics determine negotiation results only to a small degree. Even scientific studies aiming at proving the opposite could ultimately detect no or only very small correlations. This means: Anybody can significantly improve their negotiation results through negotiation training and targeted exercises. It is worth taking advantage of this opportunity! No other training will deliver a quicker and more measurable ROI

Negotiation-Training - Clarify positions

Why are price negotiations extremely important?

Price negotiations are by far the most important and difficult negotiations. No other negotiation has such a massive impact on future business results on both the seller and the buyer side. Therefore, they are the focus of my negotiation training.

What is the special difficulty of price negotiations in the B2B segment?

In price negotiations, there is a permanent danger of destroying the partnership between customer and supplier. Especially in B2B markets on major target is normally to establish long term relationships. Therefore, price negotiations, especially in B2B sales are regularly seen as a burden on customer relationships and are therefore mostly not enthusiastically welcomed by sales teams. A proper training empowers them to lower the dangers and to reach better results

What distinguishes me as a coach?

More than 20 years’ experience in B2B sales. Negotiation experience at different levels with diverse target groups in different sales channels. For many years, I was responsible for the optimization of sales processes and sales results in the management of a group worldwide. During this time I became involved in professional negotiation trainings and personally experienced their effectiveness.


Content Negotiation Training

1. Basics

  • Types of negotiations
  • Situational influence on a negotiation
  • Influence of the human factor on negotiations
  • Develop or give away negotiation power

2. Popular negotiation concepts

  • The Harvard Negotiation Concept
  • The “Getting more” concept by Stuart Diamond
  • Differences and similarities of the approaches
  • Application in business practice

3. Before the negotiation

  • Work out negotiating positions
  • Define goals / roles
  • Develop tactics
  • Design negotiating agenda

4. During the negotiation

  • Situational communication
  • How to build authority
  • How to take and keep the lead
  • Documentation of results

5. After the negotiation

  • Variance analysis targets/ actual
  • Communication
  • Preparation for renegotiation (in case)

6. Practical Exercises

  • Assess yourself and others
  • Develop added value/ expand the pie
  • Design negotiating agenda
  • Behavior / questioning techniques
  • Negotiation cases with feedback


  •  2 days

Target group

  • Everyone leading negotiations especially price negoatiations

Number of participants

  • max. 10 participants


  • Inhouse or by arrangement

Your investment

  • Depending on the number of participants and the specific effort
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