Workshop “Negotiate professionally and purposefully”


Negotiations are an integral part of the business world. It is often not just a matter of concluding a negotiation as advantageously as possible for one’s own side. Another condition is regularly not to overburden or even destroy the relationship with the negotiating partners.

This is not always an easy task to solve. Therefore, it makes sense not only to prepare for a negotiation with facts, but also with the behavior type of your negotiating partner.

Ideally, you should align your communication and argumentation with the behavioral type of your negotiating partner. Because the influence of emotions on decisions and results plays an important role, especially in negotiations.

This workshop  examines all aspects of professional preparation and implementation of negotiations. Both the gathering of facts and the creation of preparatory analyzes as well as the design of a strategy and tactics depending on the expected behavior of the negotiating partners.


Duration:                                            1.5 – 2 days

Number of participants:              2 – 8

Target group:                                   Executives and junior executives

Location:                                            In-house workshop

Fee:                                                      Depending on the number of participants and the agreed scope

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