Fundamentals of the Seminar Salesmanagement

The generic term salesmanagement hides a variety of organizational measures in sales to increase efficiency. The bigger the organization, the more difficult the implementation becomes. This is especially true for international units.

This is partly due to objective differences between different markets. But a variety of supposed obstacles arise from the human factor. Do you want to improve yourself and your company in this area?

Then this seminar will help you. It shows you the possibilities to successfully manage and develop your international sales. On the basis of tried-and-tested solutions.

Challenges in international salesmanagement

Developing and implementing efficient salesmanagement is never easy. However, the size of the organization  plays a role. The degree of complexity increases. This is particularly evident in the optimization of processes or the introduction of new software.

What are the biggest challenges? Does sales require a special approach in principle? What does this generally mean for the organization and control in sales? How to avoid the biggest mistakes ? Are standardized processes even possible?

All these points are treated practice-oriented. After that you will be much safer in dealing with larger sales organizations and you know very important mistakes.

Objective differences in B2B markets

Of course there are  objective differences in different markets. What are the key features that should be considered here?
Are there differences in mentality? To what extent do these affect sales management? Which competitive density, which customer structure characterizes a market? What is the general market dynamics, which sales channels will be used?

All these are objective differences. How and when should they be taken into account? This is another focus of the seminar. This will give you important insights for optimizing your international sales management.

Similarities in B2B markets

As important as the differences in individual markets are the similarities. These are starting points for the standardization of sales tools and processes. These similarities must be worked out by you in order to be able to challenge individual organizations.

Normally what you will find in all regional organizations is the desire for autonomy. Therefore you have to be well prepared. Another common feature is the importance of customer relationship management. What matters to customers? Here again, there are similarities between the markets.

This seminar explicitly addresses the key criteria that play a role in all markets. Afterwards you know the best starting points for successful standardization projects.

Organizational structures of larger units

When organizing larger, mostly international sales units, there are various questions in sales management:
Which functions can be centralized? Where should you prefer regional solutions? What are the functions where centralization is recommended and why?

In addition, there are the operational issues such as the general orientation of the sales organization on the market, for example by target group or region. There may be different answers for different markets.

In this seminar all possibilities with advantages and disadvantages are discussed. Based on many years of practical experience, you will receive important tips and recommendations for action.

Organizational control and communication

At least as important as the organizational structure is the management of this organization in successful sales management.
What are proven control tools in international organizations? In which way should be communicated? What are the most effective means of communication? Of course these questions are of course discussed.

What does an efficient sales controlling look like? What significance does IT have? Which mistakes should you avoid when building and expanding your IT. To what extent should you integrate the use of CRM systems ? What else should be considered?

From the number of questions you get  already an idea how complex  organization control is. In this seminar you will receive numerous practical tips. Then you know exactly what works and can easily avoid potential mistakes.



  • Challenges in international sales management
  • Objective differences in B2B markets
  • Similarities in B2B markets
  • Organizational structure of larger units
  • Organizational control and communication
  • Practical examples and exercises


  • About 12 hours

Target Group

  • Managing Directors, Heads of Business Units, Sales Managers, Heads of Controlling


  • Max. 10 participants


  • In your company or by appointment

Your investment

  • Depending on the number of participants and the specific effort
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